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Rose DeLos Angeles is a heavily gifted psychic healer and spiritual teacher. She who works with with Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and Fairies as well as the energy of roses to bring healing and enlightenment to her clients with warmth and a compassionate heart.

She connects with the higher realms and other dimensions to bring forth spiritual messages and guidance needed on your journey. She uses rose healing, Reiki, flower essences, crystals, mediumship, channeling, angel and divination card readings for specialized healing of your physical body, relaxation allowing your mind to clear undesirable patterns and habits, answers to your questions about romance, money, work and family matters, and connections with loved ones who have passed and are in other dimensions.

She also offers teaching and meditation events throughout California and online sharing valuable wisdom and techniques to assist others with using and developing their own gifts.


I have moved my practice to California where it is home to me, where the ocean and the sand speak to my soul. A place where my gifts are needed and my soul is nourished. I expand my presence and gifts to others to improve and make their lives better.

This move has facilitated my own personal growth and taken me to new heights and higher learning allowing me to expand my toolbox and my magical toolbox to help others.

In this next part of my journey, I am opened up to new modalities and techniques that are unique allowing me to be able to offer what others can not.

This is the second time in my life that I have taken a gutsy and bold move and I do so with a leap of FAITH.

By listening to spirit and having FAITH, TRUST and BELIEF making my dreams come true, the impossible become possible and magic real!


Thank you for choosing me to help guide you with any needs you have. Many magical blessings to you!

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