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Need a Therapist to talk to? Do you feel like your're not being heard or seen? Do you feel like you're going in circles with your current therapist and getting nowhere?

Well, the angels are here to listen and help you. Angel Therapy is for any situation going on in your life. When you need support for emotional distress including trauma, depression, and anxiety. Angels are Divine beings in the spirit of truth that will guide you with their wisdom and knowledge that is specific to your needs.


Angel Therapy will give you guidance and tools that work specific to your needs. The angels will also help you see a new outlook on life and help you change your perception. 


During an angel and spirit guide channeled reading, I connect you with your personal angels and guides who are always with you. I connect and channel angels, guardian angels, archangels, angels from higher realms, and spirit guides to receive information for your highest good.


When you want to get to the root of the truth of a problem, your angels will provide guidance no matter what you are seeking - an issue, love, finances, or spiritual guidance. You will receive their messages and guidance to assist you on your journey.


I coach, teach and support women in accessing their gifts, implementing new spiritual techniques, achieving clarity and empowerment on their path and much more. I coach and empower women to not be afraid to start their own business and to have a voice in society.

During a spiritual coaching session, I will guide and support you in removing blocks and obstacles that are keeping you from speaking your truth. I will also help you access your intuition to make better more aligned business and life decisions.


Did you know that your past lives have an affect on your current lifetime?

Your past lives have an affect on crafting who you are, why cycles may be repeating in your life, aches and pains that doctor's can't diagnose and much more.

During a session I will access information regarding your past lives and can also provide healing to help you move past these cycles and issues. 


During this service, I guide you into a deep meditative state as you follow the sound of my voice. I will be with you every step of the way and an Archangel will be present with us the whole time for our comfort & protection. At one certain point I will have you begin to speak and let me know what you are seeing as I will be seeing the same as you to confirm. I will bring you to your Spirit Guide or Angel that will show you what you need to know and see in that lifetime at the time. We may be able to get anywhere between 3 to 4 past lives within the hours time and then I will safely guide us out and you will be refreshed.


I suggest after our session you write all of what you remember to journal.


We are all connected like a spider web or as some say the World Wide Web but by cords. I am a master of cutting cords. This service cuts cords to people, places or things that are not for your highest good or highest purpose. I also go deep into layers of cords, certain layers that the majority of people are not aware of. The cords can also be balled up like a ball of yarn or knotted not letting that flow through also and need to be unraveled first before the cord cutting can commence that will be done in this service. I will also run the fires to purify before the cords are cut. There are a series of cords related that need to be cut to what people think is just one cord. It's all intertwined and related.


Do you have a Soul calling and you don't know what your Soul Purpose is? Have you been feeling that there is something that you are meant to do with your life but you don't know what path to walk or what steps to take?

During a Soul Purpose reading, I can help you discover what you are meant to do and how to start the process of making this a reality in your life. I will connect with your energy, your guides and your angels to reveal this to you and help you achieve the clarity and direction that you seek. 


There are patterns, cycles, emotions, illnesses, financial issues, hardships, and other issues that are passed along from our ancestry and carried in our DNA and blood that we carry forward into our lifetime.

During this specialty reading I can go in and identify where the issue stems from, and I will clear and heal it at the source allowing you and your family to move forward in a positive manner. This will also provide a release and will enable abundance, prosperity, success, health and happiness to come forward that had been withheld.


As part of my practice, I help people who have been through all sorts of experiences, traumas, and who are experiencing PTSD, where they loose pieces of themselves. You can loose pieces even in the least expected situations in this lifetime and past lives that you need here and now to return you to wholeness. I also retrieve your powers and energies associated with those pieces.

During this session, I will be able to identify and retrieve what is needed to restore you back to wholeness.


During this session the spirit of a loved one is called from the other side. I have direct connections to the other side that allow me to connect and communicate with the spirit world. A loved one can be a family member or a friend. I communicate with your loved one to give you messages or hold a conversation for you. I can see them and hear them clearly. You can also ask question and you will receive the answers directly from your loved one.


During this specialty service I create and hold space to help your intentions come to fruition for the highest good of all in a positive manner.


When you have space already open I also help you hold space to expediting your intentions to come quicker. Custom magical work can also include curse unraveling clearing and healing. Customized magical work I perfom include:


  • Hold space & boost to help someone's intentions to manifest - $222
  • I do all of the work for intentions to manifest - $444
  • Advanced custom work $555
  • Advanced custom work level 2 - $666
  • Deposit on curse unraveling work - $555
  • First level degree of curse unraveling, clearing healing and chakra recalibration - $888
  • Second level degree of curse unraveling clearing healing and chakra recalibration - $999
  • Third level degree of course unraveling clearing, healing and chakra recalibration - $1111
  • Highest degree of course unraveling clearing and healing and chakra recalibration -$2222
  • To include partner in the work being completed - $4444


Psychic and channeling will both be used in this session.

Psychic readings is when I use my own psychic abilities to receive answers to your questions. Channelled readings is where I receive messages & guidance from your angels, guides & Divine to answer your questions.


Tarot and Oracle cards will be used in this session along with divination tools such as a pendulum for answers. When using Tarot cards the cards will give answers to questions and I will also use spreads to determine past, present and future. Oracle cards will bring through messages and further guidance. Using a pendulum will allow the Divine to come through for yes and no questions


During this service, I come to your house or business to clear out all negative and toxic energies, lower vibrational energies and stuck energies that are not allowing peace, or when you come home and the house or your business doesn't feel good. You will need clearing if there is constant disharmony, fighting, objects breaking or stuck energy not allowing you to move forward and not complete tasks. You may even be tired all the time in your house, lethargic or emotional. Friends or clients may not want to come over because the feeling is not good. Tools such as sage, Palo Santo, and copal. Special sprays I create for clearing can be used in lieu of sage if allergic. I also use a Tibetan singing bowl to raise the vibration

in your home or business. I will say prayers while doing the work and when I am done say a prayer to bless the space. The end result will be peace, harmony and flow of clear energy in your home. Your house will feel fresh & smell fresh.

Please note there will be a travel fee for gas coming & leaving your home or business. In some cases I will be able to do the work remotely.


Psychic parties include channeling of the Divine, angels and spirit guides with tarot and oracle divination cards. All parties booked in advance with a 2 hour minimum with $222 per hour after and $300 deposit.

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