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Six weeks ago I received an "abundance and manifestation" reading from Rose. It was an extremely beautiful experience, very peaceful and loving. I was pleased to have guides come through that I had been working with all my life. Rose cleared away some issues that had been holding me back for a long time and identified that eventually, they would fall away themselves, but it would be a bit more difficult. Rose identified that there would be some specific things happen at 2, 4, and 6 weeks. I decided to do document the timeframes to see specifics of the timeframes mentioned. Within 2 weeks, a negative friend fell away (who had always made me uncomfortable - this was a surprise) and a new friend popped into my life who was a financial coach. I was able to take part in a free workshop and learned to remove fear about financial issues. At 3 week's I received an offer to do some work for an event (to occur in another 3 weeks). I also received a tentative offer to do some creative work in 3 to 4 weeks time. This helped me feel more confident in my skills and abilities. People started connecting with me in professionally and I could literally feel my emotional state lifting after some depression experienced in connection with job loss. I started feeling much more positive and happy about potential work opportunities. At four weeks, I was doing a number of interviews and at the end of six weeks, I was offered a full time position with an awesome company. When I reached out to Rose, I was very down and feeling very low. After the reading, I felt so much clearer and hopeful. The timeframes provided in the reading were really helpful and documenting things really helped me feel hopeful. Rose is wonderful! Thank you for your gift.

Lorri, Vancouver, British Colombia

I have learned so much and my life has opened up in so many positive ways since I first started working with Rose two years ago. Rose is not only a gifted healer and intuitive--she is also a wonderful teacher. The things I have learned from Rose have empowered me to be able to heal myself emotionally and energetically in powerful ways. Thanks to Rose's teachings, I learned to trust myself and better connect with my angels and guides. Rose has also helped me become more aware of what my energetic boundaries should be with others, and she has helped me establish these and shed past patterns that no longer serve me. I am a stronger, more whole and healthy woman today because of her healing help and wisdom. I will always remember my second session with Rose, where she did some BIG clearing work on me. I am someone who is prone to skepticism and doubt (in other words, some things just seem too good to be true sometimes). But after drinking plenty of fluids and going to bed that night, I woke up feeling like a completely different person. A better person, a better me! I was clearer, freer, and more me than I had been since I was a child. This experience made me palpably feel what my body, mind, and spirit feel like when not weighted down by a lifetime (and lifetimes) of fear, judgment, and pain. I admit that, for me, getting used to life without that heaviness is a still a work in progress. Most of us living in Western culture are comfortable being in pain, and I am, too, a product of this culture. But my work with Rose has given me a felt awareness of what life can be like when I let go, trust, and keep up my practices of self care (for me personally, meditation, physical exercise, baths, yoga, clean eating, and prayer). With this awareness, I continue to shed old patterns and pain with bravery. I thank Rose for helping me discover this journey of self care and self love. I should also mention that my life has become more grounded and less dramatic because of Rose's help. That has been a game-changer for me! I am now in a healthy, grounded, and loving relationship. I am able to show up in all of my relationships as a more reliable, healthy, and trustworthy person. With Rose's help, I manifested a dream job in my profession in a place I have dreamed of living in since I was a teenager. And, we manifested a way for my partner to find work and move here with me. In a profession with very few opportunities nationwide, and in one of the least populated states in U.S., this really was nothing short of a miracle! I am grateful to Rose for so, so much. She will help crank up the awesomeness and magic in your life in ways you can't even imagine. If you are ready to get on purpose, get happy, and heal and grow in profound ways, then I highly recommend working with Rose! Thankfully, my life will never be the same, and I wish the very same for you!

Jessica, NM

Rose is truly a gift. I have had several readings with her, and her consistent ability to speak about all parts of me in this life, and in my past lives, has helped me to understand myself and my path more deeply. Her readings are physically and emotionally healing. I believe in her abilities, and trust her implicitly--she is miraculous! Rose knows what's up!

Jenn, NY 

My experience with Rose has been nothing short of miraculous. The first reading that I ever had with her brought to light things I had always felt deep inside me and had never had affirmed by another being. I felt as though she could see into my soul, my heart… and not just in this lifetime. I have since meeting her and being blessed by her abilities in re-connecting me with my path, brought friends and family to her, as I feel that the gifts that she has and her abilities to heal psychically are one of the greatest offerings that I can bestow upon those that I love. It’s hard to even describe the feelings and effects that her sessions have bestowed upon me in my life… but I can say that I have broken through barriers and walls that I could not do on my own. She can see those things that are just beyond our awareness, and move the energies that we cannot do on our own. Rose is a magical being that has followed her calling, and has done the work that it takes to be able to guide others through the trials and tribulations we often know as life. She has foreseen beautiful things in both my past and my future. She has reminded me to believe in myself and helped me to better understand myself. She has brought insight and healing to my relationships, to my physical being, and to my soul. I have been blessed to know her professionally for years now, and I know that I have found a soul sister and a friend in her for life. I will continue to return to her as I feel called, and I am ever so grateful. May all those who find her or who are reading these words know that they need to look no further.

Rachelle, NY

I would highly recommend Rose for a reading. I did a Past life reading with her and found out so much about myself, my family, and what I need to do next. Rose is very good at what she does, and she is very real. Rose has been blessed with a gift of working with Angels, and helped me figure out things. I'm forever grateful!

Melodie, CO

The reading I had with Rose was an integral part of my personal journey. Through her reading I gained guidance, support, confirmation, and answers to many questions. I have recommended her services to friends, family and any one who will listen. As I recommend her to you. Any one who is on a journey of self discovery or looking for guidance could not find a better person than Rose.

Megan, NY

The reading I had with Rose is beyond words, she touched a special part of my heart and spirit that needed some clarification and tender loving healing from a near death experience as a teenager. Rose's reading brought forth new light within and a feeling of being held in love...I feel lighter, more at peace and balanced. Rose is a gift and a will totally understand and feel the same treasure after a reading with Rose...a beautiful and loving experience that I will always treasure and hold dear to my heart.

Samantha, IL

I felt drawn to have a reading with Rose and was nervous and didnt know what to expect. Rose immediately put me at ease. She is so warm, kind, loving and generous. I felt like I was meeting with a dear friend who knew my heart and soul. My reading was so healing and life changing on many levels. Everything she told me resonated with me. After my reading, I felt lighter and more refreshed. I felt like I had lost a ton of weight, it was as though a heavy burden had been lifted. The healing continued long after my reading and I do not feel like the same person I was before the reading. I was able to let go and release old burdens and move forward. It was like a huge spiritual cleansing for me. Rose has a tremendous gift and I am so grateful to have found her. I could not be happier nor recommend her more highly. If you are considering a reading, you will not be disappointed.

Nicole, North Vancouver, British Columbia

I instantly was drawn to Rose and knew I had to have a reading done. What occurred was beyond words. I finally got to see my guides and angels through Rose's eyes. I was provided information that really helped me process and understand who and why I am the person I am. As well as guide me on my current path and destiny. Her energy is so loving and pure, a combination of angelic and mother. It was a true blessing that I got to experience Rose and her gifts.

Jenna, MD

Rose has helped me so much. She has encouraged me in my personal relationship and has been incredibly correct. She is excellent and truly gifted. I recommend her 100%.

Dorothy, TX

I had a past life reading with Rose and it truly is like coming home. Rose is such a sweetheart and had so much information to share. Every piece of info she gave me made so much sense as to what I am going through and what I need to do. I felt so light and much inner peace after my session. She is an angel :) I highly recommend Rose.

Celeste, CA

My past life reading with Rose left me feeling so empowered, understood and was a transformational experience! I felt a bit of anticipation anxiety prior to my reading but was instantly at ease with Rose. I found her energy to be extremely loving and wise. We connected via Skype which was convenient and comfortable - I was able to be in my own space while simultaneously being face to face. This was my first ever past-life reading and she explained everything to me in a thoughtful and articulate way. She also was able to connect past-life experiences to my current situation and give me lots of guidance and inspiring advice. I felt clear-headed and loved at the end of our session and would highly recommend her to anyone. Since my reading I have incorporated her suggestions into my life and have been experiencing beneficial shifts already. She is the real-deal and such a gift!

Erin, OR

I've had two readings with Rose. Once was a past life reading and the other was a general angel/spirit guide reading. Both affected my life in different ways--the first was a catalyst into an extremely enriching spiritual practice which has improved various aspects of my life and the other provided insight and clarity into uncertainties I was experiencing. Rose is kind, compassionate, empathetic, authentic, and quite gifted at what she does. I will certainly consult with her again and have recommended her to many friends and family members.

Rachael, PA

Immediately upon answering the call Rose put me at ease. I was so nervous but she made it seem like we were old friends. I did a past life reading but she also told me about my guides today. We did a cleansing after the reading and I felt the angels raise my arms in the air. Rose told me so much about my past lives and my current one. She helped open my eyes to possibilities and guides I was never open to before. Get a reading with Rose today!! You will not be disappointed!!

Jennifer, OH

Wow!! That's what I say every time I have a reading with Rose.... I have been reading with her for the past 4 years and she is amazing!!! She truly is gifted and talented at what she does. She is a wonderful human being and she helps people with different past, present and/or future issues. I have referred many of my friends to her and they have been very pleased with their readings. I trust her 100%! I definitedly recommend her to anybody wanting a reading. Thank you soooooo much Rose for your guidance! Blessings!

Sabrina, TX

I have been seeing Ms. Rose since 2012 and she has been a blessing in my life in more ways than one. It was a time in my life where I was very sad and in a dark place. I was a lost and had no hope. I stumbled upon her page and we have been talking ever since. She is truly an amazing, gifted wonderful woman that is always willing to help others. I am so blessed to have met her and I feel so blessed to know that I can always count on her to help me on my path in this life time. I highly recommend Ms. Rose for any service you are in off. She will end the session feeling hopeful, peaceful and confident.

Tammy, TX


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