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This healing service will purify what no longer serves the body, mind and soul.

The Violet Flame is spiritual alchemy in action. It's purpose is to transmute denser feelings, actions, deeds, karma etc. into a higher vibrational frequency. Sacred Geometry involves sacred universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality. Using the Violet fire and Sacred Geometry together will revitalize and invigorate you and provide a platform for healing.


Angelic healing works with the higher angelic realm and the archangels themselves. During this session I am directed by the Divine and Spirit which archangels to call in specifically for the work that needs to be done. The archangels will go directly to the source and administer the healing energy that is needed. The archangels will also bring in the color rays of light to assist with further healing. This angelic healing benefits, heals and completes the body, mind and soul.


Chakra clearing cleanses, clears and heals all 7 chakra energy centers including hands, feet and hip chakras, The 7 main chakras are connected to the body, mind and spirit. When a chakra becomes blocked, damaged or muddled with stuck energy it affects physical and emotional states of being. Keeping the chakras healthy keeps you free from negative habits, feelings, beliefs, thoughts, fears and physical ailments. The healthy flow of the chakras also keeps the auric field strong and increases intuitive ability and other gifts.


Aura cleansing will remove all energies not serving you that can become stuck causing issues that can throw your emotions off balance cause moodiness or mood swings, change of behavior, make you physically ill, confused, tired, and much more. This will also cleanse other people's energy from your aura that you are not aware of that becomes attached to your auric field due to tears, holes, rips or thinning of your aura. After this session you will feel lighter, revitalized and your energy restored.


In this session you can be in the comfort of your own home or wherever you are. I will send you healing energy where I see the healing needs to go or where I am divinely instructed to send it. I will monitor you the entire session. If needed I will project myself to you to do the healing work and in some cases I will also have the archangels with me to assist.


This service will clear any block, barrier and obstacle that is in your way preventing you from achieving accomplishments, manifestation, abundance, financial prosperity, career advancements and much more. Blocks are created from worry and from other sources you are unaware of. These blocks are removed and the energy is cleared so that you may accomplish your goals, be productive and finally manifest your heart's desires.

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