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555 BUNDLE - $555

4 one hour sessions for $555. 


This bundle includes a psychic and channeled reading from your angels, archangels, spirit guides or ascended masters. There will also be clearing and healing performed at the end of the reading if needed or needed to be included. This bundle is also designed for issues that need multiple sessions. Each reading will be one hour in length. You may schedule 2 readings per month (biweekly) or when desired. Every two weeks is recommended to process the information and integration.


This one hour session bundles the most frequently used services when multiple work needs to done in one session. When I am working with you, I receive and see all that is connected in order to clear your specific issue and will incorporate the following into your session:

  • Angel & spirit channeled guidance
  • Past life and this life reading
  • Past life cord cutting & unraveling
  • Block removal
  • Chakra clearing & balancing


Do you ever wonder why things aren't going right in your life? Do you see certain patterns repeating or cycles happening to you that also occur to members of your family? Hardships, financial issues, health issues, habitual behaviors, abandonment, rejection, betrayal, abuse, and violence are transferred to you. This means it is generational, ancestral, and karmic in nature.

With this bundle. I will be guided to what is needing to be cleared and healed with:

  • Angel & spirit channeled guidance
  • Ancestral clearing & healing
  • Karmic clearing & healing
  • Cord unraveling
  • DNA repair
  • Block removal
  • Violet Fire & sacred geometry clearing & healing

This is a one hour session and will also help clear family members in the process.


Chakra clearing cleanses, clears and heals all 7 chakra energy centers including hands, feet and hip chakras. The 7 main chakras are connected to the body, mind, and spirit. When one becomes blocked, damaged, or muddled with stuck energy it affects physical and emotional states of being. Keeping the chakras healthy keeps you free from negative habits, feelings, beliefs, thoughts, fears, and physical ailments. The healthy flow of the chakras also keeps the auric field strong and increases intuitive ability and other gifts.

Included in this session:

  • Clear any karmic ties, knots strings & cords from all the chakras
  • Infuse the chakras with corresponding stone energies


This bundle includes:

  • Angelic & channeled guidance
  • Tarot reading
  • Oracle divination reading
  • Angelic healing


This bundle includes:

Energetic removal

  • Chakra clearing, cleansing & balancing
  • Aura clearing, cleansing & balancing
  • Clearing stuck energy in the energy field
  • Clearing, cleansing & light filling of your physical body, etheric body, mental body, and emotional body


This bundle includes:

  • Angelic & spirit guide channeled guidance
  • Block removal in all directions
  • Opening of abundance channels
  • Clearing karmic residual energy
  • Realignment of connection to abundance (this is like letting the genie out of the bottle!)
  • Cutting cords of lack

Love & Romance - $222

This bundle includes:

  • Current love life
  • Past life reading about your lover
  • Couples reading
  • Love coming into your life
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