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I am a heavily gifted Psychic Healer and Spiritual Teacher. I work with Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and Fairies as well as the energy of roses to bring you healing and enlightenment. I relay messages from these guides to you and connect with the higher realms and other dimensions for help during this lifetime, bringing you spiritual messages and guidance needed on your journey. It is my honor to assist you with any spiritual needs you may have.

I have lived several thousand past lives and am able to access esoteric information to help eliminate current lifetime issues that have roots from a previous lifetimes. 

I use rose healing, reiki, flower essences, crystals, medium/clear channel and angel & divination card readings for:

  • Specialized healing for your physical body
  • Relaxation; allowing your mind to clear undesirable habits and patterns
  • Answers to your questions about romance, money, work and family
  • Connections with loved ones who have passed and are in other dimensions

Being psychic, I have seen the Soul of a Rose. It is magical and mystical. Roses have a long and colorful history. They have been symbols of love peace, beauty, war and politics. The rose according to fossil evidence is 35 million years old. Because roses are very powerful healers and carry the highest vibration, I use them in my healing work for optimum results. As we sit together in our reading, the roses will begin to do their healing work on you along with my angels and you will feel better and refreshed by the time we are done.

I invite you to come, connect and “Ease your Soul” with Soul of a Rose Psychic Healing. Clear and revitalize your energy centers creating abundance in your life, manifesting happiness beginning today.

Rose Blessings & Hugs of Light,

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